Document and process management system

Documents and business processes from the cloud

Too much paper in the office?

xFLOWer DMS solution is the paperless office enabler. Manage all your dosuments electronically in the cloud. But xFLOWer offers much more than a simple filing, storing, archiving solution - it manages all operative processes related to documents. Therefore, predefined business processes are attached to every document, which are managed by the system, eliminating the chance of human error. Click and learn more!

Chaos among documents?

Your company manages hundreds or even thousands of documents each month? Posting consumes lots of resources? xFLOWer DMS system pacifies chaos in your document management operations, offering systematic documents, less paper and decreasing administrational workload in the office. And what more has xFLOWer to offer? Beyond all mentioned above, xFLOWer is able to manage all business processes and orders all documents into processes. Click here and learn more about the cutting edge features of the system!


Impenetrable administration?

Documents tend to arrive late? Ever missed an important deadline and were fined for doing so? Maybe your colleagues forgot a deadline included in a document? xFLOWer workflow and DMS system offers a unified, all-in-one solution to all such problems, besides enabling process based document management - with possibilities to automate tasks and even processes. xFLOWer makes administration transparent: no more forgotten deadlines, or missing documents. Click and learn more!


xFLOWer DMS system

Piles of paper in your office?

Managing a large number of documents involves many difficulties: what tasks are related to the document? who has to arrange it? when is the deadline? where shall the document be stored? how to find it quickly and easily? And many other, similar problems may come our way in case we have no solution for document management. xFLOWer DMS solution enables digital management of paper based documents through scanning, filing, storing and archiving. Also, xFLOWer provides best in class traceability for your documents: files can be searched based on their name, date of arrival, type, sender or any other quality or keyword you define for them by using document tags. xFLOWer however, is not only a DMS system. The system manages business processes related to documents, thus ensuring all tasks related to a document are executed without exception and in a timely manner. Tasks can be delegated automatically and the system monitors milestones and deadlines and of course, it escalated any problem based on parameterization. Reporting about business processes and documents are all included in xFLOWer too. Contact us and enjoy a free live demo!

Document management with xFLOWer

Looking for documents but finding chaos instead?

There shall be order among your company documents! Even in case of tens of thousands of managed documents per month, xFLOWer is up to the challenge. Keep your documents organized and manage them in workflows with xFLOWer! The cloud based system guarantees constant access to your documents anytime, anywhere. Let's not forget that xFLOWer can interpret any digital data as a document: e-mails, faxes, sms, voice files, PDF, Word, Excel and any other format. All documents shall be recorded in the system only once; following that, xFLOWer arranges the documents and makes them traceable automatically. But the best is still to come. Any DMS system is able to file, store and archive your documents. xFLOWer on the hand manages all document related business processes, based on predefined process models, tailored to your exact needs. So when a document arrives, the system automatically starts the required administrational processes, delegates tasks, monitors deadlines, and keeps the process flowing in a timely and efficient manner. Task completions are monitored too, enabling quick reactions in case of any delay. No more chaos or erroneous administration ever! And have we mentioned that xFLOWer offers such task and process automation with integration to any other system? 

Linking documents and business processes - xFLOWer

Documents+processes=Transparent administration

Imagine a system that starts all required administrational processes immediately and automatically when a document arrives, making it clear to every coworker what, when and how exactly to do in the process! You as a business leader only have to accept or decline documents (e.g. invoices, contracts, offers, memos, or others) depending on your evaluation. Think of how much work time - and thus money - could be spared by using fast, convenient and process oriented electronic document management system that supports task automation! xFLOWer DMS offers exactly these features to you and your company, moreover, by its high level integration abilities it can connect to any other IT system you may already use. No need to change your existing systems - just let xFLOWer integrate with them so all data stored in other systems can be used during the completion of administrational processes. Of course, different document types require different processes - and xFLOWer delivers. Set up any amount of process types for any document type you use and xFLOWer will do the rest for you, offering enterprise level functions, safety and scalability at SME friendly prices. Sounds interesting? Contact us and learn more!

automated documents


xFLOWer document management system (DMS) module - uniquely in its market - ensures that all running operative processes have all required documents available at every step. Hence, no document can be lost during performing day to day operations and all participant can be sure that the documents they need are available. Also the system is able to automatically fill data in templates - from different data sets, such as customer data or similar sources - so deficient data input is not possible. All of these functions ensure lower administrational costs, less workload and more effective operations.

Comprehensive document management with xFLOWer


xFLOWer is a robust and mature cloud based workflow and business process management solution with DMS functionality. Its development started more than 18 years ago, and it evolved through the years based on international business experience and the actual needs of business leaders throughout Europe. Contrary to other document management systems, xFLOWer is not only a document library providing a file manager - like interface, where Word files and scanned documents are available, but a much more comprehensive, yet easy to use DMS system with comprehensive workflow capabilities. Most importantly, documents are always created or modified in business processes, so that workflows are directing operative, archiving, storage, deletion and indexing tasks to each and every document.

Search information is also formed during the processes the documents are involved in. This way, much more complex search criteria can be defined compared to a simple tree structure. That is because xFLOWer uses tagging for searches and as many tags can be attached to a document - manually or automatically - as needed. Therefore it will be possible to find documents based on such sets of criteria instead of its name only. For example, we have the following tags attached to documents at our clients:

xyz Ltd. Contracts, Confidential, VIP customer, finance dept. , supplier, order value under €1M and others. As you can see, xFLOWer users can perform refined, complex searches when they need to find documents that match a certain set of criteria.



The xFLOWer document management module is part of the xFLOWer process management framework, including the most required business processes and data sets predefined. Although, all these predefined values can be tailored and expanded as needed during the implementation period or anytime later!

xFLOWer document management is a cloud based solution, however it "only" ensures a framework to create a business environment for your company - one in which you don't have to change your systems and operation frequently. Check out the xFLOWer product range - you can access all these features anytime: if you need any of it now, it is available, if it will be needed later, implementation into your existing xFLOWer instance will be flawless.



In the xFLOWer document management module, everything is controlled by business processes to which documents are attached. The processes are guiding all colleagues step by step through the adminis -

tration tasks, so it is not possible to omit any required step of document management processes.

DMS processes does not end at scanning or uploading documents. The module manages the end to end operative processes required for the creation, modification, approval or arranging of documents. Business process can not only create, but change the documents during the workflows. For example, after a certain process point might deny changes, convert from word to PDF, and create watermarks (eg. 'confidential'), place page numbers for sub - copies (x. nr. copy) or might even hide it from certain colleagues.

Some examples for DMS workflows:

Of course, you are free to decide what processes you use, however, we will suggest the processes to start with. All processes can be tailored to your exact needs during the implementation period. Have a look at all xFLOWer Cloud modules and find the processes that best fit your needs!

xFLOWer DMS functions

xFLOWer DMS functions


All documents can be generated from templates, so SMS, email, Word/PDF documents can be created without the need to re-enter existing data. A confirmation email with an attached PDF document including for example scanned signatures, date, filing number, barcode, or any other printable data types. Filling the required data from customer (or other) databases can be automatic, so this way all template documents can be sent without human interaction.

Templates are so easy to edit that even a secretary can upload them to the xFLOWer DMS database.



Imagine the workflow and document management engines jointly creating e-mails, containing active links. Thus based on the actual workflow it sends automated e-mails to decision makers with attachments such as a document that needs approval. In that case, the e-mail body contains two links: approve or deny. However, using the same method, partners and customers also can receive such emails (for example offers or terms change approvals) with the following links: I approve or I deny the offer or the term change or even ask for further information by phone, just by clicking on the active link in the e-mail. Other active links can also be created depending on the actual process. Clicking the link pushes the process further and - in some cases without human interaction - initiates further steps in the workflow. For example, in the case of an approved invoice, it is automatically forwarded to the financial department or in case of an approved or denied offer, the client manager receives feedback about the decision...or anything else imaginable!



xFLOWer DMS module provides a complete solution for document receipt processes. The function consists of an archiving (scanning) module for paper based documents and a filing solution for digital documents, such as emails. This functions is able - for example - to automatically transfer emails into xFLOWer's document storage or assign it to a client, send an autoreply or assign it to a previous case.



Any file type can be uploaded into the xFLOWer DMS database. The DMS module includes customer data sets by default, however, you are free to decide what further types of data you want to store and manage. The possibilities are endless: store customers' company size, location, buying potential, premises, contact persons or unique data types such as foot size, langiuage knowledge, turnover, political relationships or the GM's kids names - really whatever you may imagine!

Related to your specialties, information linked to your product or service can be managed at the level of individual documents, or you may create different document management processes for different product or service types.

In case you need different data sets, not only a customer database, it is also possible with xFLOWer. Create data sets for HR, real estate, receivables, accessories, partners or anything else. Offer management processes will always be attached to the appropriate data set.

In case you have existing data sets in different systems, it is possible to establish interface connections to these systems. Hence, there's no need to re-enter existing data in xFLOWer during implementation.

Business process automation with xFLOWer

DMS process automation


Automating process steps results in decreasing workload, thus more time remains for completing projects or to find new customers. Therefore, automation effectively supports the achievement of business aims.

Completely automated processes can be built (eg. receivables management), however, the following examples show different areas of use, where DMS automation enhances and speeds up operations:

  • Automatic check of financial KPIs
  • Tailored offers
  • Automatic escalations (eg. before deadlines)
  • Managing parallel approval processes (eg. from 3 approvers 2 must approve)
  • In case of interface connection to different systems, automatic error checking, and appropriate communication based on the results (eg. in case of a complaint, it is clear if the error is at the client side)
  • Cross-sales, up-sales
  • Personal customer care
  • And many others



Imagine having tens of thousands running processes which are waiting for something:

  • Contract expired?
  • Having debit?
  • Answer received?
  • Call again in two weeks!
  • Error corrected?
  • Goods arrived?
  • Contact recovered?
  • And others

These process steps can be automatically checked by the workflow engine. Based on predefined rules, the forwarding of processes can be done automatically too. It is also possible that the system sends alarms, closes processes or delegate tasks to different administrators/leaders, prioritize, link, segment tasks...



DMS means a file manager – like interface to many, where scanned documents and word files are available in tree structures.

xFLOWer DMS delivers much more. On one hand, it interprets any digitally interpretable file as a document, so results of phone conversations (sound file), SMS or a digitally signed invoice can be managed as a document.

Most importantly, documents are created in or by business processes, therefore workflows are conducting document management, creation, storage, archiving, etc. tasks. Search information is created during the workflows (namely the aforementioned tags) so documents become searchable based on a complex tag matrix, not in a tree structure. Therefore there are many more options for searching documents, making it easier to create complex reports and finding documents based on any criteria.

As mentioned before, we have the following tags attached to documents at our clients:

  • xyz Ltd. Contracts
  • Confidential
  • VIP customer
  • finance dept.
  • supplier
  • order value under €1M
  • and others.

As you can see, xFLOWer users can perform refined, complex searches when they need to find documents that match a certain set of criteria.

All documents can be created from templates, therefore there’s no need to re-enter any existing data again – for any document type (word, PDF, SMS, email...).

Workflows can not only create but modify documents within the processes. For example, after a certain step, the document cannot be edited, or it is converted from word to PDF, might add watermarks or hide the document from certain coworkers.

DMS basic elements

XFLOWER DMS EXPEDIENCE and basic system elements

In order to ensure optimal performance, it is required that all documents are available and accessible for all entitled participants, regardless of location or time. xFLOWer Cloud manages all information sources – email, fax, SMS, letters, scanned documents… - as documents. Storage, access and processing of these documents must be performed in an environment that enables the realization of the above tasks. Current DMS systems are able to comply with the above criteria, however, xFLOWer Cloud offers more by managing all document related processes.



  • Receipt
  • Filing
  • Posting, electronic post book
  • Scanning
  • Barcode technology application
  • Indexing
  • Signature processes
  • Storage
  • Integration with other modules and systems
  • Document library
  • Automatic processing and storage of electronic channels such as email, fax, sms, voice calls
  • Automatic template creation and management
  • Mass printing support


The following offer issuing example shows the practical use of the module.

  1. Incoming request – The module identifies and records the incoming request as a document. If it arrives by post, the module scans it, if it arrived by email, the module assigns it to an administrator and sends an autoreply if needed.
  2. Offer documents check – The module checks if all required offer documents are available and accessible for participants.
  3. Data filling – If the required data is available (eg. company name, tax nr. headquarters, etc.) the module fills the contract automatically with these.
  4. Document attachment – The module assigns documents to participants, hence ensuring accessibility for everyone involved to the documents they need for their tasks.
  5. Checking ready documents – the module monitors if the necessary documents are completed within deadline with appropriate contents.
  6. Feedback – The module alerts participants about the completion of documents.
  7. Monitoring – The module monitors further incoming documents relevant to a process (eg. emails and attachments from a given sender) and the incoming documents are filed, categorized and attached to further processes.
  8. The completed documents are stored for traceability, so anyone entitled can search and modify documents along with all versions and the administration process.


Even the best system can’t provide a complete solution if operational processes are designated erroneously. For this reason, ready – made processes based on international best practices are integrated into all xFLOWer modules, which ensure professional organization of work from the first moment of usage. This unique feature enables business leaders to redefine operational processes solely by appointing coworkers for certain tasks – the rest is done by xFLOWer.

xFLOWer Cloud document management module contains all the above features and enables the definition, management and automation of all operational processes regardless the number of processes, users of documents involved. By automating certain tasks, resources are freed within the organization, hence saving costs, time and energy for your enterprise. Therefore the company is enabled to focus on sales, clients and the constant development of its core competence to retain its competitive edge.