xFLOWer Lecture at Pannon University

We held a lecture about business process management and workflow systems at Pannon University at March 29, 2017. Students arrived to the lecture from the field of Economic Informatics in order to gain hands on experience with workflow systems and receive real world knowledge related to BPM. Hence, our lecture consisted mainly of introducing workflow systems, their practical usability, real life examples and some small exercises students could perform in the system. Also, the process editing and modeling features of the system has been introduced, and students had the opportunity to try the graphic workflow editor. Based on the positive feedback from students and the University alike, we were reinforced in our belief that our highly professional attitude and commitment to innovation worths investing the resources needed. Also, the University initiated further collaboration regarding workflow and BPM education in the form of institutionalized teaching. We are looking forward for this opportunity and also would like to thank the opportunity to the University.