xFLOWer Plarform



xFLOWer Platform is the enabler of managing complex processes through various departments and organizational levels. The flexible system enables existing enterprise softwares to work together or to use each others’ data in order to best support process completion. By deploying xFLOWer Platform, the capital expenditure for changing the whole – or large parts of – IT infrastructure can be spared. At the same time, unified and transparent business processes can be set up and run.

xFLOWer is a modular framework, consisting of the following modules:

regFLOWer – Electronic document filing

Filing of incoming documents – shall these be electronic or paper based – is the base of full document management. In case of large incoming document amounts, electronic filing is critical for the organization as business processes are almost always related to documents; their initiation is usually attached to an incoming document. The base of effective and regulated document management is filing all documents without faults or errors, quickly and by sacrificing the least resources for the purpose. regFLOWer enables regulated, automatic document filing with minimum human interaction and effort; also based on the incoming documents, business processes can be initiated and fully performed – even through various departments and systems.


It is always crucial in business operations to delegate and perform tasks within deadlines. taskFLOWer is the process management solution that can delegate, prioritized and monitored in real time. In case of mission or business critical processes, the system ensures regulated completion, while in case of repeated task sets, taskFLOWer provides unmatched leadership and coordination advantages to users and managers alike. Processes can be designed on the graphic interface by users (depending on access levels) so there’s no need for programming knowledge when creating or changing the processes in the system.



docFLOWer enables the integrated and unified creation, storage and search for all documents in the organization with access level control. Thus only those who have the appropriate access levels can modify certain documents, hence avoiding accidental deletion of or unauthorized access to documents. This way it is possible to avoid the leakage of business secrets, confidential documents or unauthorized usage of information.

docFLOWer complies with national standards for document management systems used by government bodies, hence even in the most critical environments, the system keeps all documents safe and can be used in government organizations. Furthermore, this feature enables the management of authenticated documents for business organizations.


archiFLOWer provides solution for paper based document management, even in the case of authenticated documents (if the appropriate licenses are available for the user). It is an ideal solution when paper based documents shall be scanned and stored, without attaching them to a business process immediately.

The digitalized documents are stored safely and electronically, furthermore, archiFLOWer is able to extract the data content of the scanned documents (with optical character recognition) and sort them into relevant and appropriate database entries. Since archiFLOWer supports scanning, barcode recognition and indexing alike, it provides total retrievability  for all kinds of documents.


ccFLOWer supports effective, process level customer care in the organization. The basic feature of ccFLOWer is the customer – centered process creation and management, where sales and service processes can be designed tailor – made for a given customer.

All tasks, workforce and accessory needs are integrated into the processes, hence ccFLOWer provides a unified service completion system solution. ccFLOWer provides a complete solution for customer oriented performance of  sales and services operations, so such tasks can be performed quickly and effectively, yet the essential precision and attention to detail remains intact.



crmFLOWer enables the management of the whole client lifecycle based on client oriented processes by placing customer relations and interaction to the center of its operations. All phases of the sales cycle can be followed up in the system, with freely defined sales, contractual and customer retention processes. Workload of the sales department hence becomes transparent and projectable while all sales projects can be performed with shorter deadlines. The system can be extended with additional marketing and project management functions as well.


callFLOWer enables coordinated, multi – division process management with integrated document and customer relationship management, hence being the most complete module of the xFLOWer Platform. Beyond offering coordinated operation to call center work, callFLOWer offers IT – based and integrated telephone interactions through CTI functionality. Thanks to this function, all client communication can be stored in a designated database (eg. CRM) and also it is possible to use various telephone menu systems with it.

By using automated phone menus, users can enter their own data and request, so that the workload of the call center decreases and the operators only see the relevant customer information when they pick up the phone for the customer. The same way, application of various phone surveys and multiple – decision systems can be designated and used, as the workflow engine is able to modify the process according to the answers given by the customer. (callFLOWer does not contain CTI and IVR functions, but is able to connect to such applications.)


collectFLOWer is the tool that provides solution for automating most debt collection tasks and processes with regards to payment deadlines, different client types and the current status of the collection process.  It is possible to freely set up different debt collection processes and deadlines for different client types. The debt collection process can start either by reaching a certain payment time limit or a preset sum – and also these limits can bring the debt collection process to an external debt collector organization as needed.

By utilizing its sophisticated settings, the system can distinguish different users and set the start and steps of the debt collection process automatically; so collection processes and payment deadlines can be differentiated for distinguished customer groups. This way, notorious non – payers can be filtered while providing a customer oriented solution for occasionally delaying customers.

mobFLOWer – Mobile IT solution

By using mobFLOWer, it becomes possible to mobilize all the operations of the organization in smartphones, PDAs and tablet environments alike. By using mobFLOWer, all processes tasks and statuses can be monitored and – based on access level – modified anytime, anywhere.

Various alerts can be set for task completion, overdue tasks and more. Basically, by logging into mobFLOWer, it becomes a reality to receive real – time information about all events that may modify business leaders’ decisions. As the information flow quickens, the reaction times of the organization also becomes shorter, enabling more flexibility and faster project completion towards clients. This added convenience gives an edge over competitors as customers receives better service and see a more flexible organization.

At the same time, with mobFLOWer there’s no need for business leader to be at a certain location to make strategic business decisions or monitor its’ completion – this increases business leaders’ mobility and makes scheduling tasks easier too.