Cloud based workflow system

Manage and automate your processes - save time and money for your company

Too many Excel tables?

Storing data in Excel sheets and using them to move operations forward can lead to chaotic, inefficient business management. Not to mention the possibility of human errors, forgotten deadlines and untraceable execution. Bring your operations to the next level with xFLOWer workflow, and forget the spreadsheet madness! Click and learn more!

Too many e-mails?

Still delegating in e-mails? Receiving status reports and holiday or other requests? You have a number of IT systems, yet your team is still using e-mail for communication and file sharing? Stop the flood of incoming e-mails by implementing a workflow system to delegate tasks, follow them up and distribute tasks! xFLOWer can even automate many administrative tasks and also delagation. Click and learn more

Chaos in the company?

Are your operations well defined? Does everyone know what, when and how to do? Is there a system that controls all these? If not, xFLOWer workflow is just for you! Eliminate the chaos and make more money by rationalizing your business processes! Click and learn more!


Eliminate useless Excel spreadsheets!

Excel is a great tool for calculations, data visualization and data summaries. At the same time, a workflow system is mroe appropriate - by far - to delegate tasks, manage and follow projects and facilitate teamwork. Such a system not only saves time and money, but also helps to clarify your operations. How? In order to implement a workflow system, all included business processes shall be thought over and modeled. Even in this phase, many business owners or leaders realize that they are losing money only because they never saw their day to day work as a whole before. After this realization immediately comes the need to resolve this problem - and the most obvious way is implementing a workflow system that manages all business processes. In xFLOWer all processes can be modeled and complex reports can be compiled from the process data for analysis, giving feedback about all events in the daily work. Not to mention that many tasks can also be automated - mostly in administration and document management - and all data will be stored in one unified, secure and safe database. Have a look at xFLOWer at a personalized demo or get in touch with us to know the system better. Of course, all these are free and committal. Just click below in line with your choice!


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Tons of e-mails and ineffective operations? Resolved!

Many business leaders would write an e-mail to their colleagues to delegate tasks to them. Although this is still the most common way of delegating tasks, there are many better alternatives to do exactly this. Not to mention the drawbacks of e-mails: how do you follow up the realization of the delegated tasks? how do you keep up with all the deadlines? What if a colleague forgets about important task? These issues, among many others make e-mail delegation - and reconciliation - slow and cumbersome, not to mention document versioning. Imagine if there's a document which shall be edited by multiple colleagues. How would they know which is the last version, if the document is circulating in emails? How would everybody now which is the last, approved version? xFLOWer workflow helps you to eliminate e-mail overload by managing your day to day operations and documents in business processes. In the system, not only tasks, but whole busienss processes van be set up: a number of tasks in a given order, with deadlines and attached documents. When it comes to versioning, xFLOWer makes it most easy: a process can not move on in case the required document is not attached. Only then can it move forward to the next editor or the approver. No more mess in the documents! The system also offers traceability of both documents and any other event. Plus it is able to archive all documents electronically in a single, unified database. Al the while, enterprise-level security and robustness is also guaranteed. Sounds interesting? Have a look at xFLOWer at a personalized demo or get in touch with us to know the system better. Of course, all these are free and committal. Just click below in line with your choice!


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Ever wondered what is the greatest enemy of your company...?

Let us help you with that: your company's worst enemy should be chaos. It makes operations impenetrable, your documents messy and your team insecure. This results in time and resource consuming operations which lead to a great drawbacks on the market. Imagine your competitors able to serve customers better, faster and with less costs. This would be such an advantage for them - over your company - that might ultimately lead to the fall of your business. Avoid such business fiascos by achieving ordered, precise operations in your company. How to do that? First see through and model your business processes (we can help you with that of course) then implement a workflow system which is able to manage all these processes and automate as many operative tasks as possible. This way you will save time and money, while speeding up your operations. The results? Quicker customer service, better operations, less costs, more time for you and for your team. Sounds good? Have a look at xFLOWer at a personalized demo or get in touch with us to know the system better. Of course, all these are free and non-committal. Just click below in line with your choice!


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xFLOWer process management framework provides a tool to model and manage any and all business processes. It includes the most required business processes and data sets predefined. Although, all these predefined values can be tailored and expanded as needed during the implementation period or anytime later!
xFLOWer is a robust cloud based solution, providing a framework to create a business environment for your company - one in which you don't have to change your systems and operation frequently. Check out the xFLOWer Cloud product range - you can access all these features anytime: if you need any of it now, it is available, if it will be needed later, implementation into your existing xFLOWer instance.


Fill the gap - connect your existing systems 

It is inevitable to have a number of business support systems in your company. You might already have purchased a CRM system, a billing solution, an entire ERP or other systems. By implementing xFLOWer there is no need to replace this existing infrastructure, as xFLOWer acts as a middleware solution through sophisticated integrations. That way it is possible to get any business data from your existing systems and use it with xFLOWer. Therefore, in case running a business process requires data reading or writing from or to other systems, xFLOWer can do this without replacing the software solutions you already purchased and love. No matter what systems you have already - our custom integration design will fit your needs and fill the gap within your IT systems. No more Excel or csv export-import to finish a process - xFLOWer does that through API connections in the background, in real-time.