IT director, GROUPAMA insurance Plc.

"xFLOWer workflow and document management system has been one of our most important IT systems since its implementation more than 10 years ago. We have modeled complex business processes in xFLOWer that support our default insurance systems. Hence, our colleagues can work together based on standard processes, integrating back office, customer care and operational processes in one unified system. We could also build our paperless office processes on the foundations provided by xFLOWer."







financial and CONTROLLING director, INVESTTRADE ltd.

"Our company managed to cultivate a successful cooperation with Click On Ltd in the past years since we are their clients. Our requests has always been completed in a timely and effective manner. Thanks to using xFLOWer, the efficiency of our team increased measurably. Therefore it is no surprise that colleagues are happy to use and harness the system's abilities, shaping processes constantly by including new ideas and innovations, creating more and more effective workflows. Not only implementation and system start was easy with Click On, but ever since we can rely on their professional and quick work in case we have requests. Based on the above, I do recommend working with Click on and xFLOWer."







"Operations in the insurance industry consists of complex, many participant business processes which must be managed. Hence, without a proper workflow system, operations are impossible. We examined a number of other systems at MetLife before choosing xFLOWer, however, we could not find another solution that would perfectly fit our needs. The system does not only manage processes and documents, but we are able to create and modify our processes without the need for programming or participation from the supplier, at a graphic interface. All in all, this great workflow system is the cornerstone of our day to day operations and one of our most important IT systems."








IT MANAGER, UPC hungary ltd.

" We have been using Click On Ltd.'s xFLOWer workflow and DMS system since 2002. The application is a one of a kind workflow framework system, that can model and implement - without programming or IT support - our own processes and mini - applications. The system is able to record any customer interaction, follow up different process phases and manages all customer related documents - e-mail, SMS, chat, etc. - too. We have modeled and implemented hundreds of workflows and operate them ever since using xFLOWer only, without the participation of the supplier. Our most complicated workflows consits of 2 - 300 unique process steps, including automations and human processes as well. 

Although UPC uses xFLOWer as an enterprise solution, but I do believe that it is a great tool to manage business processes at SMEs too."








leaders of the DMS department, DÍJBESZEDŐ HOLDING plc.

"We  have implemented xFLOWer process and document management system in 2010. The past 7 years have proven our choice was great. In case we requested a new development, Click On always presented great solutions quickly. In the system it is easy to follow organizational and process changes in our organization; it also makes communication with customers and partners easier. We love that in case we want it, xFLOWer can work automatically. Our colleagues love it too!






Zoltán JÁMBOR 

CEO, AFM property management Plc.

"A great CRM system that is able to follow up and control all business processes. It rules out any and all misunderstandings."