xFLOWer Enterprise Edition – The proven large scale workflow.

xFLOWer Enterprise Edition offers all the functions and unmatched process management capabilities required for high security and high availability in large scale multi – user environments.


The system handles and manages all functional workflow needs and operation support functions that are required for multi – location operations and serving a large number of customers. xFLOWer Enterprise Edition is already in use at multiple large organizations in almost all industrial segments as well as numerous government organizations. More than 5 000 concurrent users are running about 800 process types working in the system daily. This means approximately 4 million processes running in the system per year, generating and managing approximately 1,5 million documents.

xFLOWer EE is used at the largest organizations from the industrial, commerce and services sectors alike since 15 years; its development is also continuous since then. Our customers from the telecommunication, finance, FMCG and even from the governmental sectors are using xFLOWer EE as the reliable foundation of their daily operations.


The system integrates seamlessly with any other enterprise software, thanks to its robust middleware capability. Thus, xFLOWer EE is the technology enabler for using data from multiple databases in order to manage and run complex enterprise processes. Hence, there is no need to change the existing software environment when deploying the system.

Certain process elements can be automated in order to save working hours and organizational resources, thus providing additional support for completing orders, projects and obtain new business and clients. For these reasons, xFLOWer EE is the effective aid for better business results.

workload and knowledge management

After deployment and parameterization, the system delegates the defined tasks automatically, considering the professional knowledge and availability of employees. This function enables equal and appropriate delegation so that overloaded employees will not receive additional tasks while others have no tasks to perform. Also it ensures that the right task is delegated to the right employee, who has the skills required for completion. Of course, the system supports semi – automatic and manual delegation methods as required.

In order to support the growth of organizational knowledge effectively, xFLOWer EE has the capability to manage distance learning and examination. This feature ensures continuous employee development in a tailored pace with the possibility to follow employees progress in learning.

main functions and it environment

By deploying xFLOWer EE, a completely closed system can be established, so that all enterprise documents and information are stored safely without the danger of losing or accidental destruction - or falling into the wrong hands. Of course all stored information can be searched back and attached to the relevant processes.

The built in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function enables the system to create database entries from scanned documents according to their information content. Also, the system is able to create forms from scanned documents and start processes based on these. This feature recognizes all document types: paper, email, fax, sms, email, voice…

Creating and modifying processes – with regards to access levels - is done through the Graphic User Interface (GUI) so that no programming knowledge is required to perform such modifications.


The reporting capabilities of the system provide the opportunity for business leaders to have detailed real time insight about the progress of all processes, projects and operational events in the organization. At the same time, department leaders and managers also have the opportunity to create and receive insightful reports about their own departments and processes. Hence, managers can make well based and rational proposals to initiate changes in operations in order to increase organizational efficiency. In case of periodically repeated reporting (batch queries) it is easy to set up the exact time when the queries are performed, so that all these statistical data is available when needed, fully updated.

Such queries can also be made through different systems and databases, thanks to xFLOWer EE’s integration capabilities. Hence for example, a query for late payments can be sent to the financial system and based on the results a receivable collection process can be started – even automatically. Thanks to its flexibility, the system can initiate different collection processes for different customer types, hence notorious non – paying customers will be put into more strict collection processes than those who fail to pay in time once or twice.

partner management

Furthermore, the system manages partner and agent sales processes too, along with service, warranty and project completion tasks and automation. On the online user interface, partners and agents can sign in directly, thus being able to immediately upload orders, client data or requests. At the same time, the e-learning functionality can be accessed here, so new agents and partners can learn the required materials easily – and their learning progress can be monitored continuously by tests and quizzes.

The commission calculator enables agents and partners to observe expected commission rates and also, the commission approval processes are started as the amounts are uploaded into the system.