All the important details on tiles


The most recent versions of xFLOWer include one of our most successful new development - besides the Timeline - the new, extended Dashboard. On the new Dasboard, it is possible to assign reports, saved searches and quick case starter links to tiles as the opening screen of the system. This structures enables a clear view of all tasks, cases and custom searches.

For example, a back office colleague sees the following Dashboard elements:

Case types:

  • Open cases (16)
  • Unanswered mails (12)
  • Mail drafts declined by superiors (2)
  • Overdue cases (3)

Quick case start links:

  • Start a complaint case
  • Start an invoice approval case


  • Weekly tasks
  • Overdue cases
  • Provision related cases

These reports can also be viewed as special saved searches. Anyone can place new tiles to their own, or their team's Dashboard, including simple (eg. Follow up cases) and more complex cases. (eg. Approved marketing tasks for today with my coworker John) The tiles also show the number of cases included in it.


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