calendars everywhere

An optimal workflow system divides all administrative processes into tasks. Tasks are then distributed to persons, who are responsible for performing them; hence, each task has its own deadline. xFLOWer not only provides the possibility to check these on the user interface, but offers the integrated usage of standard calendars. 

Current xFLOWer versions are enabling users to forward their tasks and deadlines into standard calendars such as iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar and others, so that userscan see and access their tasks from these applications - wihtout having to sign in inta xFLOWer.

Therefore, it becomes possible to manage all tasks - personal and business - on the same interface, while keeping them separated, as xFLOWer creates its own calendars in the applications.


automatic transitions

In case a task is completed, assigned to someone else or its deadline is changed, all these changes are applied automatically in the calendar of choice. By default, xFLOWer transfers users' tasks to different calendar solutions, however, it is also possible to include tasks attached to different resources - ones which have certain availabilities - such as meeting rooms, surgery, maintenance persons, or others, as xFLOWer is able to manage such tasks, availabilities or other occupations in standard calendar solutions through business processes.

The short description of a task in the calendar is a link that points directly to the xFLOWer user interface.



In xFLOWer Calendars, it is possible to manage many different activities: approve an invoice (deadline: noon), meetings, timetables of consulting rooms or planned customer call times too. The possibilities are nearly endless; only your imagination is the limit in using xFLOWer's abilities in your business, thus making it more effective and profitable.


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