Sales support CRM system

lead and manage your sales team!

Sales operation is a mess?

Without an appropriate CRM system to control your sales processes, they become confusing and fussy quickly. You want your team to work following your exact directions and keep sales processes transparent? If so, xFLOWer Sales Support CRM is your choice!

Impenetrable contract records?

After a successful sale, operative performance is determined by contractual terms. In case such terms are not clear enough, performance will be poor thereof and the job might even remain unpaid! xFLOWer is the system that prevents you from such losses.

Too few returning customers?

Decrease sales costs by retaining customers and reselling to your existing customer base! Manage your cross - sales and up selling activities in one single system which manages all sales tasks for you on the level of processes!

Transparent sales teams and processes

Sales processes involve a number of complex tasks to be performed precisely in a timely manner, making sales closes more probable. In case your sales team has a number of ongoing sales processes, it might become confusing and impenetrable without a proper, process based CRM system. Sales mistakes - forgotten phone calls, cancelled meetings, delaying offers, etc. - would not only damage the reputation of the sales person but might also damage the goodwill of the whole company!

Not with xFLOWer.

xFLOWer sales support CRM system's greatest advantage is that it makes sales activities transparent to everyone involved. Shall you be the sales leader, a salesperson in your team, CEO or even a client - sales processes will be crystal clear for you. Design as many sales processes as you like in xFLOWer and the system will manage the rest - delegate tasks, follow them up, keep deadlines, escalate problems, even automated substitutions! Real time reporting is of course always available from mobile devices and desktop computers too.

No matter what sales activity you want to manage - hunter sales, after sales customer management, cross - sales, up selling... - xFLOWer is the system you can rely on. No more forgotten deadlines, missed meetings or lost memos, documents! xFLOWer will keep your sales flowing.


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If a record of contracts is not enough...

Need to manage 1000s of contracts of 100s of customers? Still looking up contract terms one by one? If so, you are losing time and money - although most contract management systems offer the above features.

xFLOWer sales support CRM records all contracts attached to a business process - when the contract is uploaded, the system automatically starts the processes needed to perform by the terms of the contract, resulting in: no more forgotten deadlines, less errors in the completion and faster payments due to precise completion.

Based on contractual terms' data, - deadlines, personnel, tasks, completion details - xFLOWer delegates and follows up all tasks with deadlines in line with the business process set up for the contract. Status reports of all contract related tasks and processes are available in real time.


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Stop churn right now!

Reselling to existing customers requires the least sales effort, time and money, thus being the most effective form of sales. But why would customers buy again and why would they transform to be a continuous buyer from a step-in shopper?

The one word answer shall be satisfaction. Namely they receive what they expected, with excellent customer service, their problems - if any - has been resolved quickly and effectively, and many others. Also after sales communications have been excellent so that they can not forget where to buy again... Satisfaction is just a word, but achieving it requires performing well a number of tasks - and this cannot be achieved without proper coordination and management.

xFLOWer sales CRM cares about the satisfaction of your customers by keeping all customer related processes in pace and consistent. Deadlines, tasks and processes are always the same, creating a predictable and satisfactory sales operation for your customers. Therefore it ensures that all customers always receive the same quality service, so that their problems are always resolved quickly and appropriately, making the customer feel right about the services they received.

So, xFLOWer sales CRM's greatest strength is: customer satisfaction - purchasing again and again and spreading the word about your business!


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xFLOWer sales CRM system goes far beyond ordinary CRM systems in terms of capabilities, versatility and control over your sales organization. By using the workflow based xFLOWer operative CRM solution, you will be able to streamline and integrate your sales AND operative processes - in the same system, allowing you to have full control of what is happening in real time. Furthermore, as sales and operative processes are predefined in the system, it is always known what to do exactly and when, besides standardizing your sales oeprations - and projects as well. 



Sales does not end at closing a deal. Much rather, sales should take care of customer experience after closing a deal. Therefore it is more than important to have a system which is able to give sales feedback about operative processes - the fundamental factor of cusotmer experience. Also, as operations are interlinked with sales processes, it is always possible to look back and quickly recall all agreements, promises which were made before closing the deal. Furthermore, operational processes also become streamlined and managed, making service quality constant and high.


As much as administration is required for successful sales oepration, so is it frustrating for the sales team. Sales people tend to go out and hunt for new prospects, close deals, negotiate and make more and more business instead of sitting in the office doing administrational tasks. Thanks to xFLOWer's workflow and docusmtn management automation features, administration becomes much less frustrating as most such tasks can be automated. Automation not only reduces administrative workload of the sales team but also ensures that all information is available when needed, as needed - besides always being precise and exact on details. Need reports from administration tasks? No problem - it is all automated with xFLOWer.



xFLOWer offers total integration to all your existing systems as needed, should it be an ERP, billing, CRM or any other system you use. Furthermore it is possible to automate whole business processes by linking as many systems as needed for a certain business process, allowing you to keep using your existing systems, instead of changing your entire IT system, while still leaping forward towards business automation and digital transformation.