Quality assurance process management

Consistent quality - less errors, less expenses

Standard operative processes

In the xFLOWer Quality Assurance module it is possible to manage a number of different operative models, such as ISO, TQM, Six Sigma, EFQM, to mention a few. Finally such models will be used in practice at your company, not only documented by requirement.

Consistent service levels

By applying appropriate quality assurance processes, you clients will always receive high quality services with the same deadlines and contents.

Decreasing errors

Managing quality assurance processes expands to errors management besides decreasing the number of possible errors by itself.

Consistent services - happier customers!

The basis of keeping our existing customers is the constant, high quality services they receive from us; thus being satisfied and returning to buy from us again and again. At the same time it is most disappointing to receive lower quality services when returning to us, so that they don't receive the quality they are used to. It is true both in case of products and services, however service quality is more obvious to manage through business processes. That is why it is most important to plan all customer related activities in a way that serves their quality perceptions the best. Also, implementation of such activities must be ensured, since no planning has significance without proper -high quality - implementation. In order to ensure high quality in services, basically two factors are needed: well-planned routines, operations - business processes - and a system that ensures the proper implementation of these processes. Such a system must ensure that all processes are completed the same way with similar tasks, deadlines, documents and other components, while it must be flexible enough to handle process changes that may occur. xFLOWer Quality Assurance module provides both of these features, since it is capable of modeling any and all individual processes while it includes a process editor tool that does not require programming skills to change business processes in case needed. Therefore it is not only possible to model and manage quality assurance processes, but at the same time such processes can be changed as required. Hence, the system ensures that all customer related processes are implemented in constantly high quality, by managing tasks, deadlines, human resources, communication channels, documents and all other components needed. It goes without saying that normal users cannot change business processes and the system always pushed all processes from beginning to end while providing the possibility of escalations as needed. Hence, there's no difference between the modeled and the implemented processes while business leader has the opportunity to see any and all problems, delays occurring during processes.


Fewer errors, less expenses - higher customer satisfaction

Even the best people make mistakes - that's why we are human after all! At the same time our customers might not be so indulgent in case mistakes are made especially in case of missed deadlines or quality issues. In such cases it is vital to define human work as much in detail as possible and also, to control the implementation of such activities. Also, it is always a good idea to automate anything possible. Of course, not everything can be automated, but it is possible to follow up task implementations, the responsible persons and the deadlines and documents which were used during the implementation of such projects. xFLOWer is able to manage any and all business processes, hence ensuring that all tasks are implemented the same way and in the same quality. However in case of automated processes or tasks are much faster than their human - made counterparts, while the number of errors in such processes is exactly zero. Therefore, it is not only possible to ensure constant quality and lightning speed, but also, automations removes workload from colleagues and frees up working hours, so that they can focus on what is more important - creative, complex human tasks which deliver higher value. Therefore automations enable growth and directly decreases operational costs. 


Manage multiple QA models

In today's quality assurance landscape, a number of different quality systems, models and methodologies are available such as: ISO, TQM, Six Sigma, EFQM, ESG, Lean-TPS among others. However besides using such models, it is most important to implement all these methods in daily operations. Since all of these methodologies are based - partly or wholly - on business processes, it is vital to have a system that is able to manage these methods in practice. xFLOWer is the workflow system that delivers - QA processes for any and all models, thanks to its process modeling flexibility. No need to code when creating or changing processes - it can be done through the ActivEdit process editor tool. No coding - no problem. Model and manage all QA model based processes in one unified system and run the modeled processes immediately in a cloud based environment. Manage administrative parts of these models, even automatically - xFLOWer's powerful DMS engine is available to create, manage, version and archive all related documents. Form based documents are always created automatically based on actual business data, furthermore, such documents are also managed by xFLOWer after their creation - forward, receive, version, approve and validate all of these automatically. Free your organization from administrative workload by implementing xFLOWer and harness the immerse power of the system for QA, process and DMS tasks. Get in touch with us today and receive a free demo, tailored to your processes!




In order to provide excellent services, all participants must deliver excellency in a transparent, measurable and verifiable way.

Service quality determines the goodwill of the company, as it has a huge impact on customer opinions. Services are also integral elements of production or commercial activities too – for instance, after sales services, product delivery, warehousing or installment payment options.



xFLOWer is a robust and mature cloud based workflow and business process management solution with quality assurance functionality. Its development started more than 18 years ago, and it evolved through the years based on international business experience and the actual needs of business leaders throughout Europe.

Contrary to other quality assurance systems, xFLOWer is not only a task recording software, in which statuses and deadlines can be administered, but a much more comprehensive, yet easy to use QA system with comprehensive workflow capabilities. 


The xFLOWer quality assurance module is part of the xFLOWer process management framework, including the most required business processes and data sets predefined. Although, all these predefined values can be tailored and expanded as needed during the implementation period or anytime later!

xFLOWer quality assurance is a cloud based solution, however it "only" provides a framework to create a business environment for your company - one in which you don't have to change your systems and operations frequently. Check out the xFLOWer product range - you can access all these features anytime: if you need any of it now, it is available, if it will be needed later, implementation into your existing xFLOWer instance will be flawless.



In the xFLOWer quality assurance module, everything is controlled by business processes to which documents are attached. The processes are guiding all colleagues step by step through the administration tasks, so it is not possible to omit any required step of quality QA processes.

QA processes do not end at closing the cases after completing its tasks. xFLOWer quality assurance manages the whole operative lifecycle of service quality related cases, including processes before and after quality inspection. However, not all operative processes are manageable on the level of quality assurance. Therefore, xFLOWer is equipped with comprehensive workflow capabilities, enabling the management of all operative processes. Some examples of xFLOWer processes include, but are not limited to:

Of course, you are free to decide what processes you use, however, we will suggest some processes to start with. Basic quality assurance processes – inspection points, customer satisfaction surveys and quality system processes- are all included by default.  All these processes can be tailored to your exact needs during the implementation period. In case you would like to use different processes, it is possible! Just have a look at all xFLOWer Cloud modules and find the processes that best fit your needs.



xFLOWer QA module includes customer data sets by default, however, you are free to decide what further types of data you want to store and manage. The possibilities are endless: store partners’ contact persons, premises, payment habits, or unique data types such as employees’ foot size, language knowledge, political relationships or the GM’s kids’ names - really whatever you may imagine!

In case you have existing data sets in different systems, it is possible to establish interface connections to these systems. Hence, there's no need to re-enter existing employee data into xFLOWer during implementation.

In case you need different data sets, not only a customer database, it is also possible with xFLOWer. Create data sets for HR, real estate, receivables, accessories, partners or anything else. Business processes will always be attached to the appropriate data set.

Therefore, quality assurance processes can be started for customer data sets, operational processes or projects – in a word: everything.



The above service management processes are often done through customer care operations. Therefore, customer interactions are also elements of quality assurance processes. xFLOWer Cloud offers the opportunity to objectively measure quality performance through predefined KPIs which can be extended as needed during the implementation period with your own – even subjective, but definable – quality criteria. The existing quality policies can be implemented in the module with automated process steps in some cases.



Even the best system can’t provide a complete solution if operational processes are designated erroneously. For this reason, ready – made processes based on international best practices are integrated into all xFLOWer modules, which ensure professional organization of work from the first moment of usage. This unique feature enables business leaders to redefine operational processes solely by appointing coworkers for certain tasks – the rest is done by xFLOWer.

xFLOWer Cloud quality assurance module contains all the above features and enables the definition, management and automation of all operational processes regardless the number of processes, users of documents involved. By automating certain tasks, resources are freed within the organization, hence saving costs, time and energy for your enterprise. Therefore the company is enabled to focus on sales, clients and the constant development of its core competence to retain its competitive edge.