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from 345 / month

Excludes the implementation fee*
  • Number of users: unlimited
  • Number of workflow runs** (monthly): 250
  • Storage: 5 GB
  • Cloud-based access


from 595 / month

Excludes the implementation fee*
  • Number of users: unlimited
  • Number of workflow runs** (monthly): 1.000
  • Storage: 10 GB
  • Cloud-based access


Custom pricing

With 100% custom business processes
  • Number of users: unlimited
  • Number of workflow runs** (monthly): 50.000
  • Storage: unlimited
  • Cloud-based access

*The one-time implementation fee starts at 4995 € depending on the complexity of the processes to be developed.

**Maximum number of workflow runs included in the specified package that can be initiated within a month. A case constitutes the execution of an entire process, irrespective of its duration and complexity. This could involve a swift approval involving a couple of participants, taking only a few hours, or a lengthier procurement process stretching over months; all with no variance in pricing.

Fee of additional 250 workflow runs: 110 €
Fee of additional workflow run types: Custom pricing
Fee of additional storage: 5 €/ 10 GB

Features available in all packages

Process control

Controlled and semi-automated handling of tailored business processes.

Task queues

Units containing the user-specific task.

Automated task delegation

Users are automatically assigned tasks based on predefined criteria within the system.

Approval management

Granting approval for any request, document, or decision through the management of parallel or sequential, intricate approvals.


The importance of individual tasks can be freely determined, tasks can be freely prioritized.

Process automation

Automated execution of defined business process steps, task completion.

Assignment of tasks

Users, based on their authorization levels, have the ability to reassign their tasks to others, and managers can also reassign tasks as necessary.

Authorization control

User level access to data and processes can be customized and regulated.


Customized forms can be generated for each step of the process.

Features available in all packages

Template-based document generation

The system generates documents automatically using predefined templates. Specific details can be inputted through forms or integration.


All documents can be filed within the system, and specific filing processes can be designated for different document types. The system also possesses the capability to autonomously file documents.

Barcode technology support

The system can recognize documents using barcodes and initiate the associated business processes, including automatically assigning related tasks.

Digital post book

Can be created.

Any document can be attached

Attachments of various formats, including images, audio, video, and more, can be linked to specific cases.

Scanning module

Using a compatible scanner, documents can be directly scanned into the system, and they can also be automatically recognized using barcodes.

Email connector

Automated linking of email addresses (e.g., info@, order@). Incoming emails can initiate or alter a process, and may even serve as the foundation for automated decisions.

Digital repositories, archiving

All document types can be stored in the system, and their data can be utilized in ongoing business processes, including documents if required.

Management of email templates

Email templates can be stored in the system, which can be used freely during individual business processes, always with customized addressing and variables, which the system automatically inserts into the templates.

Manage document versions

The system automatically saves and manages document versions, ensuring that the administrator always has access to the current version during editing.

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