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Leveraging the expertise of our specialists and our in-house workflow platform, we extend a helping hand for a wide array of challenges, spanning across almost any industry!

Financial services

Conventional financial institutions still rely on older back-end systems to manage daily tasks and crucial processes. While these systems are secure and dependable, their sluggishness and lack of adaptability make it challenging to keep pace with today's demands.

xFLOWer enables these institutes to speed up their key processes without rebuilding their entire IT infrastructure, be it customer contact process management, terminal management processes, maintenance and complaint handling, ticketing solutions, or enabling new services/products.



The insurance sector faces significant administrative burdens, underscoring the critical need for systems to function seamlessly and with high levels of automation to minimize errors.

xFLOWer takes the burden off all levels of the company by digitizing these processes, including back-office and customer service tasks, contract management, claims and payments, as well as other customer-related documents.

Property management

As per our survey, employees at a real estate organization are required to execute a minimum of 50 distinct business processes. Through the development, digitization, and automation of these processes, the company's efficiency can be greatly enhanced.

With the expertise of our professionals and our platform, tasks related to the handling of real estate, professional requirements, invoice approval, and other administrative responsibilities can be seamlessly structured into processes and efficiently managed.



The telecommunications industry is predominantly characterized by swift and substantial shifts in its business landscape. These transformations can impact technology, market dynamics, clientele, and regulatory frameworks. With the aid of xFLOWer, we not only enhance operational efficiency but also position ourselves at the forefront of these notable changes.

Our solutions enable seamless integration with legacy systems at the database level. This allows for the consolidation of data from various systems onto a single screen, streamlining the execution of necessary tasks.

Customer service, complaint handling, accounts receivable management, customer retention processes, support for complex construction projects - all in one place with the help of xFLOWer.

Service providers

Regardless of any service industry, one thing is certain: they are built from common processes, the digitization and automation of which can significantly increase both efficiency and the experience and satisfaction of users and customers.

xFLOWer ensures the seamless management of administrative processes concerning offers and contracts, as well as the handling of complaints and other customer service matters. Additionally, the entire invoice approval process can be effortlessly overseen.



In a well-functioning logistics company, it is crucial to have processes that are instantly transparent and can be automated to the greatest extent. This is because even minor errors can lead to significant losses.

xFLOWer enables centralized management of procurement, invoice handling, purchase order processes, and customer service needs.

Technology & IT

Managing versions in technology and diverse IT projects, along with stringent quality assurance demands and continuous testing, demand utmost precision.

Our seasoned professionals refine these tasks into tailored business processes, and subsequently refine and automate them using our xFLOWer platform!



Regardless of whether it's online or offline trade, the underlying processes follow a similar structure, including tasks like generating price offers, managing invoices, and listing or removing products.

Leveraging xFLOWer, nearly all administrative processes related to trade can be digitized and subsequently automated, resulting in substantial resource savings and expedited operations.

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