CRM - operation support

Do not let the chaos rule your company instead of you!

Impenetrable operations?

Missed project deadlines? Messy project teams? Delayed payments? xFLOWer operation support CRM system is your solution, offering all-round operative process management and support from the cloud. Keep your operations transparent and profitable by optimizing process efficiency!

Want to get rid of Excel tables?

Changing market environment, competition and ever increasing customer expectations are forcing your company to adapt to its business environment. Excel tables are outdated and are not able to gain competitive advantage for your company. Be prepared for any challenge your market may rise - manage your processes and optimize your operations with xFLOWer operation support CRM system!

Delegation through e-mails?

Ever wondered what exactly your team is doing momentarily? Ever wanted to know a project deadline, responsibilities? How would your company keep operating if your key people decide to leave? The answer is xFLOWer operation support CRM that makes your routines and operation transparent and optimal. Learn more about xFLOWer by clicking here!

Impenetrable operations?

A growing company is the sign of business success, so first of all, congratulations for that! However, related to growth, you might have already faced a situation where the previously transparent and easy to understand organization eventually becomes far more complex and cannot be controlled - or managed - without a proper supportive system. Or maybe the pace quickened and tasks that could have been done in one day shall now be completed in one hour...

xFLOWer operation support CRM system offers an all-in-one solution to these problems. Access all information and manage all activities from your smart phone, based on predefined business processes that ensure the swift flow of operational tasks in your company. However, xFLOWer is not only a software - during its implementation, all business processes can be reviewed and improved by our experts, so that after the implementation all your business processes will be effective, transparent and manageable, with many automated tasks.

The result is that all business processes will always be performed the same way while you will be backed by a software tool that enables you to control your organization. Add total transparency delivered by xFLOWer to all this and see through even the most complicated chain of activities! Request a demo or more information of xFLOWer by clicking on the button below!


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Excellent operations?  Not a privilege!

So, your company performs greatly, your customers are satisfied and growth is ensured? Great, so your company is already on the track! However if we take a closer look behind the scenes...maybe not everything is so all right? Does it happen that your coworkers forget some deadlines or promises? Or some operational projects are slower than they should be? What about internal communications? Maybe you think your employees are not working in a structured and systematic manner?

We have good news for you! xFLOWer operation support CRM system offers a complete software solution to all of the above problems. Contrary to common CRM systems, xFLOWer does not only manage customer statuses and calendars, but the operation of the whole company can be modeled and managed based on business processes. Therefore you can create workflows for all your employees and make their work transparent. Define exact tasks, deadlines and responsibilities in xFLOWer and let the system delegate and follow up everything based on your notions!


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Be informed: what exactly are your employees doing?

How may you know who does what, when and why? The lack of information is crucial in supporting you decisions - are you informed about everything relevant? In case you asked any of the before questions, but have not found a system that would inform you as needed, try xFLOWer operation support CRM.

Contrary to most other CRM systems, xFLOWer not only manages sales processes, but business processes in the whole organization. Shall any of your departments - finance, legal, operations, sourcing, quality assurance...- need software support for business process management, xFLOWer is always at hand. Harness the power of xFLOWer to manage and optimize business processes.

Team work management is designed in a way that distinct xFLOWer from similar systems. xFLOWer is able to identify the resources - documents, employees, or other company resources - needed to complete any given business process and also delegates tasks and sets deadlines - automatically, based on the pre-defined process models in the system. xFLOWer monitors all task and inside deadlines in order to keep the process within the final deadline. All related files and documents are attached to the exact process step they are used at. Seems incredible? Give xFLOWer a try and see it yourself by inquiring a demo below!


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xFLOWer operative CRM system goes far beyond ordinary CRM systems in terms of capabilities, versatility and control over your sales organization. By using the workflow based xFLOWer operative CRM solutions, you will be able to streamline and integrate your sales AND operative processes - in the same system, allowing you to have full control of what is happening in real time. Furthermore, as sales and operative processes are predefined in the system, it is always known what to do exactly and when, besides standardizing your sales oeprations - and projects as well. 


managing operative processes

Sales does not end at closing a deal. Much rather, sales should take care of customer experience after closing a deal. Therefore it is more than important to have a system which is able to give sales feedback about operative processes - the fundamental factor of cusotmer experience. Also, as operations are interlinked with sales processes, it is always possible to look back and quickly recall all agreements, promises which were made before closing the deal. Furthermore, operational processes also become streamlined and managed, making service quality constant and high.

automating administration

As much as administration is required for successful sales oepration, so is it frustrating for the sales team. Sales people tend to go out and hunt for new prospects, close deals, negotiate and make more and more business instead of sitting in the office doing administrational tasks. Thanks to xFLOWer's workflow and docusmtn management automation features, administration becomes much less frustrating as most such tasks can be automated. Automation not only reduces administrative workload of the sales team but also ensures that all information is available when needed, as needed - besides always being precise and exact on details. Need reports from administration tasks? No problem - it is all automated with xFLOWer.



xFLOWer offers total integration to all your existing systems as needed, should it be an ERP, billing, CRM or any other system you use. Furthermore it is possible to automate whole business processes by linking as many systems as needed for a certain business process, allowing you to keep using your existing systems, instead of changing your entire IT system, while still leaping forward towards business automation and digital transformation.