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Keep moving on

When a business stops, it perishes - hence your business has to be kept in motion - all the time! No matter what you, as an owner do, no matter who oversees operations, business just cannot stop. xFLOWer keeps your business operations moving forward without supervision - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Click and learn more!

Eliminate paperwork

Paper has been around for around 2000 years. In technology, 2 years can make anything obsolete. Don't you agree that paper had its times and it is now a little bit outdated? If so, keep reading, as xFLOWer can help you eliminate the use of paper in your business - so you can help saving our planet, while becoming far more efficient too.

Why waste time and money?

Repetitive, manual tasks are still performed by humans? Ouch. What a the past 250 years automation was revolutionizing productivity, efficiency and shifted human labor towards more valuable, more creative, more satisfying activities - while saving costs. Making your employees perform mechanical tasks costs you a lot - and frustrates your team. Save both frustration and dollars by automating operative administrational work with xFLOWer!

Keep moving on with workflow

Keep moving on

Most business owners would agree that once they leave their company alone for whatever reason - holiday, sick leave, or anything else - operations just will not go the same way they were present. And honestly, they do not change for the better during such periods. Even at larger organizations, the absence of management members tend to lead to decreased efficiency, a little bit looser management of deadlines and tasks and a little more forgotten promises towards clients or internally...Let us not forget that even when the owner or the full management team is present, managing the organization can be overwhelming. We are all humans, so we tend to forget things, have our own limits and seriously, sometimes we just get tired of keeping everything in order and moving constantly. 
This is where custom workflow management systems come to the picture. Whatever is done in a company can be described through business processes, or workflows to say that. Put simply, if you want to know what your workflow is, just think about what you do at an average workday in the office: approve documents, attend meetings, negotiate with partners, and so on. This is your personal workflow. Similar workflows are present everywhere in the company: administration, logistics, sales, marketing, management, customer service and so on. All these workflows can be modelled and implemented in a workflow system as business processes. The system will then guide everyone through these workflows, without the possibility to be changed by executives. It effectively gives you the opportunity to predefine all activities in a very detailed fashion and the system will get these done exactly the way they were defined. So if you leave the company for a period of two weeks, you can be sure, that everything happened during this period exactly the same way as if you were there. Or if not, the system will inform you right away. No surprises when you return. No missed deadlines, no loose operations, no forgotten promises. And if you want to know what is happening in your company, you can easily access the software anytime, anywhere and see what is going on at that exact moment. Not to mention advanced reports and trigger based alerts: custom triggers can be set up to inform you immediately if something serious is happening or is about to happen. Why not give it a try? 



Paperwork in 2019? No way! 

Considering today's level of technology, printing can rarely be justified. But let's just forget about the technology side and let's consider business disadvantages. Well, first, paperwork slows down your company. Why? Because papers can be forgotten, can get lost, can be put away - even accidentally - and employees have to physically move to bring papers from one place to another. But what is relevant is the data in the papers! Moving data today can be much faster and easier. And let's make it clear: scanning paper based documents and storing them on hard drives or in the cloud has nothing to do with digitalization or digital document management! Let us give you a different perspective.
Anytime a document is generated or received by your company, it is related to some kind of business activity. Received a mail from the IRS? Must be forwarded to finance, who will decide what to do next. Sending And we could list tons of different documents. That is why we do believe that each and every document is tightly connected to certain business activities. And the data inside them is the determining factor about the scope of activities. Hence, we can conclude that documents are not only connected to workflows but also determine the workflows required.
These are the most important reasons why we at xFLOWer created a workflow system that includes a powerful document management engine too. Therefore, once workflows are implemented, document management becomes rather obvious - the system supports the creation, editing, approval, distribution and follow up of all business documents, exactly the way needed, as this is also completely customized. Actually, documents and related activities can be automated too: let's say you need to send client reports monthly or weekly. Why yspend time with collecting the required data, compiling the document and sending it to your client? xFLOWer can do all these for you automatically - when you need it, the way you need it. Not to mention that once incoming documents are also managed in xFLOWer, all your data will be available in one place, anytime, anywhere. And the best part: documents can be tagged freely, making future search easy. In other words, you will not only be able to search for a document's name or filename, but also to any attribute you feel important, say contract type, date received, VIP documents, department, documents created/received by a certain department and so on. These attributed can of course be combined too, making it easy to see - for example - what VIP contracts has been modified by sales last month? And many others. It goes without saying that team editing, complex approvals, data from different systems and many other features can be applied when managing your documents with xFLOWer. Don't let the piles of paper bury you and your company - implement xFLOWer and get ahead of your competition when it comes to documents too!



Still wasting time and money on repetitive tasks?

Today's business environment pushed all companies to be more and more competitive. Being competitive usually means providing more value to customers while keeping prices low, even though costs are increasing. Not an easy situation for business owners, and it must be resolved or the company goes bankrupt quickly. Thus being more effective is a key factor for success - and administrational, back-office and a number of other operational tasks are resource-consuming. The good news is that these tasks can be automated to achieve higher level of efficiency. Based on our experience of more than 20 years, a minimum of 34% of administrational tasks can be automated in any organization. On the other end, 90, or even 100% automation can be achieved, especially in administration intensive environments. And what exactly xFLOWer can automate for you? For example, it can generate documents automatically, send them to customers or partners and also follow these up. Or can automatically approve recurring costs based on preset rules. Of course there's the possibility to automate email notifications, data synchronization, data collection and forwarding even from multiple systems. Or examining, comparing and transforming data from various systems. Or task allocation can also be automated based on sophisticated business rules - you name it! All in all, you can automate document creation, data related actions, task allocation, even parts of customer communication and many, many others. Stop wasting time and money and save frustration for your team - start using xFLOWer today and enjoy a more automated, digital mean of doing business!