Eligibility request management

Eligibility management

Personal changes occurring in the organization – eg. coworkers leaving or coming, reassignments, job changes – require changes in eligibilities, since access to different systems, or different levels might be needed, based on the relevant policies. Therefore, certain access and levels are required for certain job types. This method ensures that colleagues can only access data they have the right to while everything they need for their daily jobs can always be accessed. Providing access the right resources at the right time can be a time and resource consuming process for both the organization and the colleague in case there’s no proper system to manage and support the process.


why choose this eligibility management system?

Eligibility management done manually is a time and resource consuming process that does not create any added value, while puts huge workload on the administrational staff. Especially in case of larger enterprises, such processes can easily become impenetrable and fussy; their follow – up might become – nearly - impossible too. xFLOWer eligibility management enables proper and partly automated management of access rights, assignment of organizational resources in a transparent, fast and timely way. 
Eligibilities specified for certain jobs can be defined in xFLOWer, including access to software, hardware, and other resources. The system manages eligibilities on a process level. Therefore, exact access to company resources can be defined specifically for a job and approval of all such eligibilities can be managed too. 
Approval of access requests is also managed by xFLOWer, following the whole process, hence speeding it up significantly. In case any problems, delays or other issues arise, the system sends alarms to requesters and approvers as well. Also, if defined during the implementation, the system can automatically modify the approval or request processes (eg. in case an approver is on holiday, automatic re-delegation to another approver can be done)

Furthermore, sophisticated approval management processes can be set up, including: 

  • Serial approval: More persons after each other
  • Parallel approvals: More persons are involved in the approval step at the same time
  • 2-4-6-X eye approval: A defined number of approvals are needed for the approval of a certain case.
  • From „M” (number of all approvers) at least „N” must approve

Also, approved requests are pushed forward in eligibility processes, meaning the system ensures that approved requests are completed on operational levels. Of course, all such parameters can be tailored during the implementation period.

WORKFLOW framework

The xFLOWer eligibility management module is part of the xFLOWer process management framework, including the most required business processes and data sets predefined. Although, all these predefined values can be tailored and expanded as needed during the implementation period or anytime later!
xFLOWer eligibility management is a cloud based solution, however it "only" provides a framework to create a business environment for your company - one in which you don't have to change your systems and operations frequently. Check out the xFLOWer product range - you can access all these features anytime: if you need any of it now, it is available, if it will be needed later, implementation into your existing xFLOWer instance will be flawless.

eligibility processes

In the xFLOWer eligibility management module, everything is controlled by business processes to which documents are attached. The processes are guiding all colleagues step by step through the administration tasks, so it is not possible to omit any required step of approval management processes. Eligibility management processes do not end at the approval of eligibilities. xFLOWer managed the whole administrational process from requesting through approval to the issuance of accesses. Also, alarming methods for any kind of problem is managed by the system.
There are no limitations in xFLOWer, regarding the types of processes you may want to use:

  • Processes of any complexity can be managed
  • Parallel and / or serial approval processes can be managed
  • Automatic decision points can be predefined
  • Interface connections to other systems are available 

Some example processes in xFLOWer, using further modules:

Of course, you are free to decide what processes you use, however, we will suggest some processes to start with. All processes can be tailored to your exact needs during the implementation period. Have a look at all xFLOWer Cloud modules and find the processes that best fit your needs!

data sets

xFLOWer eligibility management module includes different data sets by default, however, you are free to decide what further types of data you want to store and manage beyond the defaults. The possibilities are endless: store employees’ database, partner or customers' database, including company size, location, buying potential, premises, contact persons or unique data types such as foot size, language knowledge, turnover, political relationships or the GM's kids’ names - really whatever you may imagine!
Related to your specialties, information linked to your product or service can be managed at the level of individual personas, and you may create different eligibility management processes for different job types, organizational levels or company resources. 
In case you have existing data sets in different systems, it is possible to establish interface connections to these systems. Hence, there's no need to re-enter existing data into xFLOWer during implementation. 
In case you need different data sets, not only a simple database, it is also possible with xFLOWer. Create data sets for, real estate, receivables, accessories, partners or anything else. Eligibility management processes will always be attached to the appropriate data set.


Eligibility management example

Case: Admission of a new colleague 

1.    Admission and job function of the new colleague are entered in the module
2.    The module identifies the resources required for the job, based on corporate resource policies.
3.    The module forwards all requests to their relevant owners and responsible – eg. hardware and software needs to the IT dept, car requirement to the fleet manager, etc.
4.    The module sets the deadlines for completion in line with the start date of the new colleague
5.    The module checks and follows the issuance of the required resources, in case of problems or delays it alerts the responsible superior.
6.    After all tasks are completed and all resources are issued, the module closes the process while storing the data about the given resources, hence it is transparent which resources are used by which coworkers.


Ready to use solution

Even the best system can’t provide a complete solution if operational processes are designated erroneously. For this reason, ready – made processes based on international best practices are integrated into all xFLOWer modules, which ensure professional organization of work from the first moment of usage. This unique feature enables business leaders to redefine operational processes solely by appointing coworkers for certain tasks – the rest is done by xFLOWer.

xFLOWer Cloud eligibility management module contains all the above features and enables the definition, management and automation of all operational processes regardless the number of processes, users of documents involved. By automating certain tasks, resources are freed within the organization, hence saving costs, time and energy for your enterprise. Therefore the company is enabled to focus on sales, clients and the constant development of its core competence to retain its competitive edge.