Imagine the workflow and document management engines jointly creating e-mails, containing active links. Thus based on the actual workflow it sends automated e-mails to decision makers with attachments such as a document that needs approval. In that case, the e-mail body contains two links: approve or deny. However, using the same method, partners and customers also can receive such emails (for example offers or terms change approvals) with the following links: I approve or I deny the offer or the term change or even ask for further information by phone, just by clicking on the active link in the e-mail. Other active links can also be created depending on the actual process.

Clicking the link pushes the process further and - in some cases without human interaction - initiates further steps in the workflow. For example, in the case of an approved invoice, it is automatiaclly forwarded to the financial department or in case of an approved or denied offer, the client manager receives feedback about the decision...or anything else imaginable!

Imagine creating a process in xFLOWer process editor like this one:

Based on this processing model, the workflow engine sends an automated e-mail to the approvers like the one below:

 As seen above, e-mail links are generated automatically, based on the decision points of the given process.
 By clicking the links, the process progresses automatically, and the next colleague receives his task based on the decision points included in the given process. 

Not only the predefined decisions in the workflow are available in the e-mail. By clicking on the file number, a browser window opens, and all antacendents of the actual step become visible. The attached documents (PO, contract, invoice preview...) are also available by clicking on their respective links. The e-mail can be constructed to include all antacendents of the given step in the form of a link. (for example: list of previously approved invoices for the given PO or contract)The above invoice approval workflow is only one example of the features xFLOWer E-mail links are capable of. 

 Similarly, any: 

  • Internal approval steps (eg. sourcing request, travel reimbursement, holiday approvals) or

  • Warning processes (for overdue tasks) or

  • Contract approval/renewal

 processes can be modeled. 



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