Digital archive

From e-mail filing to the comprehensive management of millions of documents!

Impressive performance: xFLOWer manages millions of documents and files millions of e-mails – per year. Most of these are digital documents in the same document repository. To say the least, xFLOWer is the first great milestone on the way towards a paperless office. But there is more.

xFLOWer not only files and archives your documents, but manages them on the level of business processes – meaning that all processes related to the document can be managed in xFLOWer!

And just one more thing. xFLOWer is able to perform document searches based on complex search criteria, enabling document serch based on any criteria related to the document – creator, modifier, date, title, document type or the process the document is involved in...not to mention that customized flagging of documents is also possible in the system, thus enabling search for ANY condition you set for your documents!