Pre-designed business workflows, to suit your company's needs

While we acknowledge that each company operates differently, there are numerous commonalities in their foundational procedures. With the experience gained from hundreds of implementations, we have developed thousands of business processes, providing us with valuable insights into which solutions yield tangible benefits. By commencing the xFLOWer integration with these tried-and-true best practice business processes, you can attain results swiftly and efficiently.


Based on best practices

xFLOWer has been implemented across a diverse range of business sectors. The tailored business processes and logic specific to each company represent their proprietary expertise. At xFLOWer, we highly regard this and maintain strict confidentiality, ensuring that such information is not disclosed to any external parties.

However, substantial knowledge has been gathered through our involvement in the implementations at hundreds of companies.

We standardized these processes by removing customer-specific elements and developed generic and typical process frameworks from the shared set. These serve as a foundation when onboarding a new client, allowing us to expedite the achievement of their objectives.

Integrating current systems

Unrestricted data flow, centralized control instead of isolated systems, and automatic data synchronization - in numerous instances, it's merely an aspiration for a company's IT infrastructure to be organized in this manner.

The xFLOWer platform facilitates the integration of existing internal or essential external systems, allowing for comprehensive visibility and control of all necessary data from a unified interface, complete with standardized reports.