Process based operative CRM 

Manage sales and operations in one unified system

Sales optimization

xFLOWer sales CRM system enables process based sales team management, offering transparent process flows and automated tasks. Click and choose this solution in case you want to optimize your sales operations!

Optimizing operations

Your sales is already efficient? Let's make operations a success story too! Increase the efficiency of your operations and boost customer satisfaction by managing customer related operative processes in one unified system saving you time, money and effort. Click and learn how xFLOWer can help you getting out the most from your operations!


We believe that a CRM system is more than a customer database, including name, address, e-mail, phone, etc. and managing some statuses related to customers. For this reason xFLOWer CRM is much more, providing customer and operation oriented business processes in a cloud based CRM environment.



 „A comprehensive CRM solution that makes all contacts available with all of their related documents in one system.”


In xFLOWer, all customer tasks (e.g. requests, offers, contracts, complaints, etc.) are directed by business processes. The process steps are not only followed, similarly to a scheduling system, but xFLOWer steers the processes based on their preset parameters. Therefore, different customers (e.g. VIP, not paying, average, etc.) might indicate different processes and many different decisions can be made during processes, based on parameterization. Predefined processes may define steps for as many activities as needed – for example a telesales colleague might receive different scripts for different call types, or different choices can be made in relation to different customer requests. In all cases, xFLOWer leads the colleague through all steps in the process.



Successful sales management demands the accurate completion of many different, parallel processes. Managing large amounts of customer data and many processes is not possible without a system dedicated to such tasks. Without a system for these tasks, sales might become slow, cumbersome and resource – consuming, therefore ruining business results by forgotten deadlines, scheduling errors, meeting clashes and many other problems. Such events may harm or even destroy the goodwill of the company and the sales team as well.





„ The blueprint of unified corporate communications.”

xFLOWer is a robust and mature cloud based workflow and business process management solution. Its development started more than 18 years ago, and it evolved through the years based on international business experience and the actual needs of business leaders throughout Europe. Contrary to other CRM systems, xFLOWer is not only a registry software in which statuses and deadlines can be adjusted, but a much more comprehensive, yet easy to use workflow system capable of managing business processes, documents, user rights and historic customer data among others.




The xFLOWer CRM module is part of the xFLOWer process management framework, including the most required business processes and data sets predefined. Although, all these predefined values can be tailored and expanded as needed during the implementation period or anytime later!

xFLOWer CRM is a cloud based solution, however it "only" ensures a framework to create a business environment for your company - one in which you don't have to change your systems and operations frequently. Check out the xFLOWer Cloud product range - you can access all these features anytime: if you need any of it now, it is available, if it will be needed later, implementation into your existing xFLOWer instance will be flawless. 



In the xFLOWer CRM module, everything is controlled by business processes, to which documents are attached. The processes are guiding all colleagues step by step through the operative sales tasks, so it is not possible to omit any required step of the sales cycle. 
Contract management processes do not end at signing the contracts. xFLOWer CRM can control the whole customer lifecycle, by implementing business processes such as:

Of course, you are free to decide what CRM processes you use, however, we suggest the following processes to start with:

  • Lead generation (calls and scheduling)
  • Offers management
  • Contract management

Parameterized to fit your exact needs.



xFLOWer CRM module includes customer data sets by default, however, you are free to decide what further types of data you want to store and manage. The possibilities are endless: store customers' company size, location, buying potential, premises, contact persons or unique data types such as foot size, language knowledge, turnover, political relationships or the GM's kids’ names - really whatever you may imagine!
Related to your specialties, information linked to your product or service can be managed at the level of individual customers, or you may create different CRM processes for different product or service types. 
In case you have existing data sets in different systems, it is possible to establish interface connections to these systems. Hence, there's no need to re-enter existing data into xFLOWer during implementation. 
In case you need different data sets, not only a customer database, it is also possible with  xFLOWer. Create data sets for HR, real estate, receivables, accessories, partners or anything else. CRM processes will always be attached to the appropriate data set.



xFLOWer CRM provides much more than a record of prospects and customers. It directs sales and related operative business processes while manages documents and tasks attached to these. Uniquely on the market, xFLOWer CRM contains the fundamental sales and operative processes by default. Therefore after purchase, a working business model will be ready immediately after parameterization. Documents, deadlines and responsible can be set for each step of the processes, hence transparent, precisely finished activity chains can be performed.

Moreover, the module supports cost management for sales processes, so that the ROI for each process can be measured, ensuring profitable sales operations. Also, cost approval processes are supported by the module.  So in case of a travel request for sales, these costs are also included in the total sales costs, among many others, making the sales operations plan – able and the exact ROI can be calculated for all sales projects.

Since a company does not only consist of sales, it is really important to manage sales and operation related processes. xFLOWer provides a complete solution to manage:

  • The whole operative sales and customer life-cycle: Campaign management, offer management, order management, contract management.
  • Operative processes – processes of fulfillment including: operations management, worksheet management.
  • After – sales and account management processes: Scheduling, ticketing system, customer care processes, complaint management, service modification processes, cross – sale and upsell processes.
How xFLOWer CRM system works?


The below service process example shows the practical usage of the module, limited to the sales processes.

  1. Incoming request – Expressed interest or offer request comes in from a marketing channel or through personal connections.
  2. Recording – During the record of customer data, the module also records the required service for the customer.
  3. Sales process start – The module starts the sales process in line with the recorded request details and informs the participants about their roles in the process.
  4. Offer finalization – The module takes over the internal processes for offer handout until the offer is finalized (multiple round approval can be defined too)
  5. Offer handout – After approval, the module forwards the offer to the customer
  6. Follow – up – The module follows the offer status based on customer feedback. Follow up milestones can be set up based on timeframes or events.
  7. Approval or denial – based on the above criteria in follow – up, the module records the results of the offer phase. In case of approval, further steps are started.
  8. Contract management – Based on the approved offer the module takes over the contract formation process, whereas it controls internal discussions, delegates related tasks to various departments and controls approval rounds.
  9. Contracting – After the contract is approved by both sides, the module forwards all deal details to the responsible department (project management, operations, etc.) If further modules are available, the whole service completion can be managed within xFLOWer Cloud.
  10. Reporting – The module reports about the sales process, including costs, results, expected incomes and deadlines alike.

As mentioned earlier, this example shows only a small part of xFLOWer CRM’s capabilities. The processes following the above example can be managed in the system as well!

Ready made CRM processes in xFLOWer CRM system


Even the best system can’t provide a complete solution if operational processes are designated erroneously. For this reason, ready – made processes based on international best practices are integrated into all xFLOWer modules, which ensure professional organization of work from the first moment of usage. This unique feature enables business leaders to redefine operational processes solely by appointing coworkers for certain tasks – the rest is done by xFLOWer.

xFLOWer Cloud CRM module contains all the above features and enables the definition, management and automation of all operational processes regardless the number of processes, users of documents involved. By automating certain tasks, resources are freed within the organization, hence saving costs, time and energy for your enterprise. Therefore the company is enabled to focus on sales, clients and the constant development of its core competence to retain its competitive edge.