Supporting telemarketing with xFLOWer

Our client, performing various tasks for direct sales and telemarketing through different channels, chose xFLOWer to support multi - channel and multi - database operations in a telesales environment. Data safety and feedback management are both managed by xFLOWer along with task delegation and interactive survey functions.
Our client from the telesales industry performs various direct sales and marketing activities through different communication channels, mostly by contacting prospective customers through phone and email in order to provide information about campaigns or to carry out interactive surveys. They were looking for a solution that comprehensively supports their daily operations in a multi – channel, fast paced environment. Initial customer data by all means must be handled as confidential, that is also supported by xFLOWer. Feedback is organized by customer segments, hence sales supporting data and customer trends can be obtained, thus supporting effective sales work.
By implementing xFLOWer, managing multiple communication channels and – owing to its integration abilities – automatic, segmented feedback management too. Delegation is automatic, based on required skills and available working hours; also, directed issues are managed in the system. Answers given to such survey questions are recorded immediately, and based on the answers, multiple survey directions and outcomes can be implemented. For example, if the answer for a given question is “yes”, then a certain next question is asked, while if the answer to the same question is “no”, then a different question will be asked in the survey. As xFLOWer is able to manage an unlimited number of processes, as many coworkers can be assigned to a certain task as needed, hence short deadlines can be met.
Customer feedback can be recorded individually or customer segments can be created to explore trends and forecast for sales and product development. Hence, the databases created through such projects provide exact market feedback for sales and marketing alike. Therefore, telesales and telemarketing efficiency can be measured in given segments, enabling further optimization of marketing and sales expenses.
Telesales clients can access survey and all other results in xFLOWer in various forms and data structure based on their individual preference.