Process management in the pharma trading industry

Our partner, a key player in the pharmaceutical trading industry needed to harmonize and unify its business processes. As its business activity is closely related to the pharmaceutical industry, strict certificate policies had to be implemented in order to avoid any loss of such documents regardless of their format.
Processes defined in xFLOWer took over the supervision of the whole administration department. All incoming and outgoing documents are included, with the expectation of traceability and follow up. As a special process, xFLOWer manages employee mobile devices management processes too (eg. request, repair, replacement tasks)
Daily mailing is also collected by xFLOWer, while managing invoicing processes. The invoices are attached to clients in the database after formal inspection. If inspection is error free, the invoice is forwarded to the SAP system.
A large number of processes had to be implemented while considering compliance and efficiency as equally important. In the pharmaceutical industry, trading is characterized by strict yet fast changing legal environment, the lack of compliance might result in forced closing of the business and in withdrawal of production and trade licenses. Consequently, safe storage and strict certificate policies had to be implemented in order to avoid any loss of documents regardless of their format and to ensure that processes are fully compliant with all legislative requirements.
By implementing xFLOWer a closed system was created to effectively manage commercial processes and strict certificate documents on various organizational levels, partners and traders alike. The system inspects all incoming documents and carries out the predefined process attached to them. Unified, central storage allows quick traceability and process follow up of documents, hence the location of every document is defined in the processes.
Other operational processes are also managed in the system. For example, requesting, repair and replacement processes of the company mobile phone fleet is managed here with regards of the large number of participants that previously resulted in time and cost consuming processes. After the implementation, these tasks were automated, hence coworkers from this area could focus on task completion instead of administration. Therefore, shorter response times and task completion was achieved.
Strict certificate document management made obvious the introduction of integrating electronic invoice management in the system. xFLOWer monitors incoming mailing and manages invoices separately from other mails. Ordinary mails are filed as defined in the document management policy, while invoices are formally checked and their data content is forwarded to the finance department through the SAP system. Invoices are also archived and attached to clients, hence ensuring traceability and compliant storage alike.