Paperless office in vehicle financing

Our client is a key player in the vehicle financing industry. They were looking for a solution to manage all incoming and outgoing mailing with registering into a postbook. Posting registers is managed separately from other mailings. Their overall aim was to realize a paperless office.
Managing official mailing turned out to be costly and ineffective with regards to the large amount of incoming paper based documents and mails, while encumbering administrative staff too. In order to resolve the above problem, it was necessary to implement a system that manages the reception, filing and registering of all official mails while forwarding these to adequate business processes.
xFLOWer is able to create a postbook in electronic and printed form too. After the implementation, new processes were created with xFLOWer eg. for invoice process approval, down - payment requests and others. When creating processes the number of approvers and approval deadlines can be set up. In case needed, substitution of approvers is also resolved by automatic settings.
Furthermore, it was key point that registers are processed separately from all other mailings and to use the possible least paper based documents and pursuing paper free office work.
Implementing xFLOWer enabled reception, digitalization and filing of all incoming documents. Documents are now managed on process level, after introducing new processes in which the system indentifies document types and then assigns them to an adequate process and delegates related tasks with deadlines and escalation steps. Implementing new processes resulted in better business performance and cost – effectiveness especially in invoice approval and down – payment requesting operations.
The system supports multi – cycle approval processes, as the number of approvers can be defined for each task and process step. At the same time, in case of absences or holiday leaves, the system delegates process tasks to coworkers who has the appropriate skills and time for task completion.