MetLife insurance company chose xFLOWer to automate its operative business processes.


All life insurance related documents were paper based and managed manually. Even though administrators knew exactly what and how to manage in case of each task, if the process jammed, it took a long time to ascertain where in the process a given form or document is. In most cases such delays meant financial risk as deadlines were missed and hence further legal issues rose. Furthermore, MetLife wanted to create a paperless working environment.


xFLOWer provided a solution to replace manually managed processes. Incoming documents are instantly digitalized and their data content is also processed at the same time. Hence it is accurately monitor able in the system which document is where exactly and the process does not stop even in the absence of administrators, as tasks are re – delegated automatically to a competent coworker. The process is closed and is prepared for all document types with unlimited process creation possibility for new forms.

At this moment, 150 users have different level accesses to the processes and documents in the system. 

 xFLOWer was chosen from three competing systems, as at the evaluation related costs were also considered besides quality and functionality. xFLOWer delivered both advantages to MetLife accordingly.

After the selection, three different processes were engineered towards paper free working environment. These processes were created involving coworkers, eho were also educated to system usage. After a couple months of usage, users could define, create and implement new processes themselves, hence enabling the creation of new processes without additional costs.

Key functions:

  • Customer services, risk assessment, call center, posting, approval, administration of the consultant network.
  • Processes are based on client agreements; hence these data inputs determine the processes to be started.
  • Incoming documents are scanned first, and then attached to client IDs, then the data triggers process starting, thus forming cases. Incoming faxes are also forwarded to their respective addressees through xFLOWer.
  • MetLife operates a client portal, where clients can administer tasks related to their contracts. Here not all processes can be automated, yet new data is forwarded to the respective departments automatically.

Archiving all documents after the implementation was milestone that enhanced data security. Electronic documents were then forwarded to xFLOWer.


MetLife’s own CRM system also uses documents saved in xFLOWer 

xFLOWer also connects to different databases required for operation; the system extracts business data from such databases too.

The initial three processes are expanded into about 500 business processes, even including approval processes for top management executives. 

Head office cadre personnel: 150 coworkers, + 5-600 consultants.

Versioning is also managed in xFLOWer as it became a great problem during the years of operation. Outgoing documents were not archived, formal letters and contracts were only printed and posted to clients manually. Any changes had to be versioned manually, which is now done automatically by xFLOWer.

A great advantage of the system is that users can freely create new processes; hence the system is expanding without further investment.