Facility and building management

Our client is one of the most sizeable building and facility management providers in Hungary, managing thousands of condominiums. In order to make tenant request management easier both for tenants and themselves, they needed a system which is able to manage not only requests, but also all related operational tasks through a unified front-end. The following business challenges were resolved by implementing xFLOWer, beyond tenant request management:

  • Scheduling residential assemblies
  • Managing repair and maintenance operations
  • Managing and controlling subcontractors
  • Managing proof of work and worksheets
  • Payments control

Workflow based solutions for operational challenges

Tenant and owner requests

The number of tenant and owner requests were in line with the number of condominiums managed, therefore the large - and growing - number of such requests were particularly difficult to handle without a system dedicated for this operation. Implementing xFLOWer enabled tenant request management through multiple communication channels - including webforms, phone, email and other means of communication - while filing and storing all requests in one robust database. Furthermore, all requests are managed through business processes, along with their operative solutions. Tenants are receiving information about their request statuses automatically, while in-house administration is mostly automated harnessing xFLOWer's DMS engine.

Scheduling residential assemblies

Residential assemblies needs to be managed in a timely and calculable manner in order to ensure the participation of tenants and owners. Decisions regarding the building and the common premises are made at such events, hence decision-making capacity must be ensured. In xFLOWer it possible to schedule all residential assemblies well in advance and the system also manages feedback from tenants and owners. As scheduling can be automated and is based on a certain business process, the number of participants can be foreseen in advance. Also, all participants receive the agendas of given residential assemblies, so that they can prepare and collate details before the event.

Managing repair and maintenance operations

Repair and maintenance operations are interlinked with tenant or owner requests, besides periodic maintenance tasks. When a request arrives, different operative processes can start for different request types. If the request contains the exact problem that needs to be resolved, xFLOWer starts the required troubleshooting process automatically. In case not, and administrator chooses the process manually based on internal policies. Once the troubleshooting process starts, either a subcontractor or an internal team receives their task instructions through SMS, email or via the xFLOWer mobile application. The task instruction is generated by xFLOWer and contains all relevant data such as deadlines, request details and additional information as needed. xFLOWer not only distributes these tasks, but also controls the realization of all tasks. All work done must be verified by attaching or sending photos or other documentation into xFLOWer. In case these evidences fail to arrive on time, the system escalates the problem and notifies adequate leaders about the issue. In case the evidence arrives, the system pushes forward the process towards invoicing and payment (in case of subcontractors) or hourly wage count (in case of employees).

Managing and controlling subcontractors

Subcontractor management enables the timely and effective application of subcontractor services while ensuring high quality of work constantly. In case tasks are distributes to subcontractors, the system follows up the realization similarly to the aforementioned operative processes. Moreover, task distribution to subcontractors can be initiated by the company itself, even if there are no tenant or owner requests. This might apply to regular maintenance tasks and unreported repair needs alike. Controlling is also applied the same way - evidence is needed to ensure timely and quality performance. Subcontractors can issue their invoices - and become eligible for payment - only if they completed their tasks and attached the evidences related to it.

Managing proof of work and worksheets

Proof of work in case of repair and maintenance tasks usually consists of a number of photos. These photos shall always show the before and after conditions, so that quality work can also be ensured by visual inspection. The photos are made and sent to the system by the custom, dedicated xFLOWer mobile application (available for Android phones and tablets) so workers only have to take the two photos - everything else is managed by the system automatically. When the photo arrives and it is approved after inspection, the system generates a completed and accepted worksheet to subcontractors or adds working hours to the in-house team.

Payments control

xFLOWer send a request for invoicing to subcontractors after their proof of work is accepted. Subcontractors can send their invoices directly to xFLOWer, and the payment and approval processes are also managed by the system. Therefore it can be ensured that:
Only accepted and approved services and invoices are paid
Subcontractors receive their payments on time and backed by documentation.


All the above features and functions helped to significantly decrease administrative workload and ensured more controlled, transparent, quick troubleshooting processes. Therefore, not only have the costs decreased, but also tenants and owners are more satisfied with services. Also those who perform repair and maintenance tasks can be sure that their work is accepted and paid, so practically all involved parties gained through the implementation. Of course this highly customized system is tailored for individual needs at other facility management companies, however, this comprehensive solution is able to add traction to most operative facility management operations. Automations and integrations are also greatly increasing efficiency, while harnessing xFLOWer's powerful DMS engine ensures that all documentation is stored safely, available anytime.