Customer service process automation

Customers from different business backgrounds had to be managed by the customer service department. Customer care tasks – in line with different business needs – were overly diverse, even though most customers are connected to the customer service with multiple requirements and service needs. Customer department processes had to be unified in a way that ensures high level daily task completion while allowing the delivery of marketing messages to clients through the customer care channel.
Our client, one determinative player in the telecommunication industry chose xFLOWer for automating its customer service processes. Its operations are characterized by multiple country and also nationwide operations, while serving several hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Thus customer service processes are complex and involving a large number of participants. In different departments, a full range of different services and solutions are offered to mixed target groups, however, all client inquiries are received by one customer care department. Resolving different problems and fulfilling a large set of client claims in high quality and a timely fashion required process unification and automation.
By implementing xFLOWer it became possible for all coworkers to receive and manage their daily task in one unified environment, regardless of geographic location or the nature of a given inquiry, while ensuring high quality customer service with short completion deadlines. xFLOWer delegates tasks to coworkers – based on preset parameterization – in a way that grants specific problems to be delivered to coworkers who has the necessary skills and appropriate free working time for completion. This way, it became avoidable to delegate irrelevant tasks to coworkers who has no skill or experience to resolve it – or are overloaded by already existing tasks – for example, after the implementation no large corporate inquiry could be forwarded to a coworker who was only working with SMEs before.
xFLOWer – by harnessing its built – in middleware functionality – interoperates with existing large enterprise systems, so processes overarching various departments, sub – systems, functions and organizational levels can be managed comprehensively in one unified workflow environment. A good example for that is an incoming inquiry from a residuary customer. In that case, xFLOWer identifies the incoming call and based on the customer’s financial and CRM data, a full customer profile appears to the administrator at the moment of picking up the call. Hence administration becomes much faster, which resulted in higher customer satisfaction while decreasing customer service workloads.
Owing to xFLOWer’s CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) feature enables passing marketing and pre – sales messages to customers in a customized way based on the full customer profile. Therefore all customers receive only those offers they are most likely interested in purchasing.