Complex printing office process management

Our partner from the printing industry is an expanding enterprise that overgrew the level of manual or spreadsheet – based management and task follow – up. Assignments are recorded as projects, which are forwarded to partnering printing offices, where customized completion is done. Both small and large number of copies are used during projects, however these processes must be managed differently and separately.
Our printing office partner is a fast growing, professional service enterprise for business clients. During their projects both large and small number of copies are printed, which are recorded as projects, attached to a client or an assignment. Such projects are forwarded to implementing organizational departments or subcontractors. Manual project management became impossible due to fast business growth, hence the enterprise started to search for a solution that offers a unified environment for managing projects while providing individual process creation for different projects as needed.
After xFLOWer implementation, task recording and forwarding is done in the system. Normally all process start with data collection, where the system – depending on parameterization – identifies if the project is a small or large copy assignment. After that, the system identifies the availability of required data, generates a project based on the obtained information and forwards all data to coworkers responsible for planning. Delegation is performed in this step on department levels and also, the desired deadlines are set. After technical planning, feedback is recorded automatically, and forwarded to the adequate in - house workmanship department or subcontractor, depending on project size. This way small number of copies can be printed digitally, while large number of copies are printed by offset machines. The system monitors deadlines, milestones and samples during workmanship. After printing, the system – based on parameterization - also manages delivery of goods to the client by performing transportation and takeover processes, considering different delivery options for a given project eg. transportation by fleet car, postal sending or courier service. Hence, delivery cost and deadlines are optimized which supports successful and cost – effective project completion while increasing customer satisfaction through lower cost and shorter delivery times.
The system stores all data in its central database by saving customer, project and process data, along with all materials prepared for the project. Therefore, once completed materials can be traced back, providing much cheaper reprinting compared to other printing offices. Consequently, an increased number of reprint orders were placed at our partner, hence providing measurable business results related to the implementation of xFLOWer.