Complaint management in the insurance industry

At our insurer client a large number of incoming loss notices had to be managed and processed manually in a short period of time. As their contract define short deadlines, it was vital to introduce a solution that provides immediate answer to loss notices and loss recording can also be performed without delay.
xFLOWer is able to interoperate with automated notification and answering eg. IVR systems. Hence there is no need to assign an administrator for all queries, only in cases where personal contact is unavoidable eg. to collate personal meetings. Furthermore, all managed documents were integrated into one system, which provided serious comparative advantage over competitors’ solutions.
In case of administering notice losses and related tasks it is expected to meet short deadlines and start claim adjustment processes as soon as possible. Performing these tasks were done manually that overloaded administrative, thus slowing down these processes and decreasing organizational efficiency. These problems raised the need for implementing a system that is able to answer loss notices immediately and manages loss recording too.
Owing to xFLOWer’s extensive integration abilities – especially with IVRs – incoming requests are managed automatically. During the interaction data is recorded in real time and automatically, saving human involvement.
The system generates all tasks for administrators so that they only have to take part in a given process when personal contact is not avoidable anymore. Incoming data is recorded automatically in an integrated database in the DMS module, so all data, document is traceable and is stored safely in a unified format. Document management therefore becomes faster and more precise, thus increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing organizational performance.
Consequently, customer contact and administrative personnel are less loaded, saving time and effort for performing high added value human activities.