Managing complex, B2B sales processes

Managing complex, B2B sales processes

Managing complex, B2B sales processes

B2B sales challenges

It goes without saying that all organizations can define their own sales challenges the best. Hence here, we only show a couple examples from our practice - including but not limited to - cases we have faced at our clients.

Modeling sales processes

The first challenge is the creation and modeling of sales processes. Such processes shall clearly define the protocols to be followed when completing daily sales tasks. Sometimes sales people are creating their own processes and specify their own methods, which means great freedom in terms of professional work. On the other hand, sales processes will not be consistent this way. So as a first challenge, we can mention the modeling and creation of sales processes. Without an appropriate, workflow based CRM system it is nearly impossible to implement consistent sales processes; the usual attitude is something like "we know what to do" or processes stuck on the level of drawing or writing. This leads to the lack of traceability and transparency.

Optimizing sales processes

It is not satisfactory to model and implement sales processes, they need to be traced and optimized constantly. Traceability can be managed through a moderately sophisticated CRM system, however in this case, processes may take a back seat, and such systems are unable to manage these appropriately. On the other hand, most workflow systems - sometimes mentioned as operative CRM systems - may do better in this sense, but it takes serious IT knowledge to edit and optimize processes with these. This results in costly and cumbersome optimization projects, which tend to decrease sales efficiency. In xFLOWer workflow, all processes can be edited on a graphic interface, without IT knowledge, hence any process change can be done quickly and processes are implemented immediately. Therefore, process optimization timeframes are decreased to a fraction of what can be considered traditional.

Decreasing administrative workload

If you ask a salesman - practically any salesman - the question: "What would you name as the most frustrating part of your job?" almost all of them would answer without hesitation: "Administration". On the other hand, precise sales administration is a key to sales metrics and great sales operations, so it cannot be ignored or undervalued. What if a software solution would make your sales team's administrative frustrations go away AND keep your administration consistent and precise? xFLOWer workflow is able to manage business processes and documents - also in processes - therefore providing an all-round solution to such administrative challenges. Add process and document automation to the equation and it will be clear that xFLOWer will make the sales team's pain go away! Just imagine that all customer data is stored in one database in a system that is able to start sales processes automatically, triggered by data changes or any other event you specify. Or edit contracts automatically based on approved POs. Or automatically manage invoices and attach them to POs and contracts. Manage outstanding debts automatically...and many others!

Measuring sales performance

It goes without saying that all sales leaders can set their own KPIs for measuring their team's success. But for KPIs, data is needed, which must be accurate and up to date. xFLOWer provides all process data you might need including deadlines, tasks done, sums, prices, discounts...and also prepares your reports from raw data entries. Sales leaders therefore only have to set up their KPIs and the reports will always be available in real time. Want to have the most sophisticated metrics, graphs and charts? xFLOWer can integrate with any BI system, so that you can enjoy real-time, deep reporting from structured and unstructured data alike!

Integration and data flow

Workflow based CRM systems are far more effective if they are integrated with other enterprise systems such as:

  • Billing systems
  • ERP systems
  • Logistics systems
  • or others

This results in the ability of managing complex business processes in which data can flow among systems and can be used at any phase of the process, enabling E2E business process management. Automations are also working more effectively in case systems are integrated, therefore time, money and effort can be saved for the organization.


Cross department sales processes

Complex B2B sales processes may require the contribution of other departments at given phases of the process. In case a quotation is edited, technical, engineering and even legal departments might have tasks with it. Operations can also be included as completion timeframes must be collated. It is safe to say that 99% of CRM systems do not include a workflow engine that is capable of performing such processes. xFLOWer on the other can manage business processes of any type and complexity, even through departments or even organizations. Make no compromise when choosing your CRM system - have a look at xFLOWer's capabilities and see how much it could save for your company!



As a conclusion we daresay that managing complex B2B sales processes are far beyond the capabilities of ordinary CRM systems. Not only the daily operations of the sales department must be managed, but documents and processes must be handled through departments and even organizations. Therefore in case your sales operations are such, a robust, workflow - based CRM system is needed that can handle all these tasks. xFLOWer is not only able to manage all business processes, but it operates from the cloud - so if you have a multi-premise organization, traveling agents or just want to see your company's processes or complex reports anytime anywhere, it is the professional choice of software for you.

Have a look at xFLOWer CRM; request a demo or a quote and you will see the great advantages the system offers for your sales operations!