Managing complex, B2B sales processes

In case of B2B sales - especially for high added value products or services - sales cycles and therefore sales processes tend to be lengthy and complex. Since such sales processes occur among businesses, we focus on such processes in this post

Facebook, Google - The 100 million dollars fraud - was it preventable?


As Fortune has reported recently, the two tech giants Facebook and Google were victims of a 100 million dollars fraud. The companies nearly lost this sum, however - according to their statements regarding - most of it was recovered. We would like to highlight a number of important facts in relation to this case. First, the invoice processes - and/or their management - could support the success of this fraud, second - and this is important - every company can be vulnerable to frauds like this, and third, such cases can be prevented by implementing comprehensive procurement and invoice processes, supported by robust workflow systems.


Keep your business organized 1. – Manage your contracts

In our new blog series, we will show you a number of – process oriented – ways to keep your business organized, saving you time and energy while most often sparing money for your company. We will go through a number of aspects which may contribute to efficient business operations and may also decrease administration.

Your chaotic company

You have to know: the most dangerous enemy your business faces is not the fierce competition or hard-to-get clients or lazy subordinates (which will not help you prosper either, but this is a different story

About business processes VIII – Using process editor tools

Process editors are entirely different from other process visualization tools as processes visualised in these tools become real, working processes immediately after saving them. Hence, if you use a process editor instead – or besides – a process drawing tool (such as DRAW.IO or Evolus Pencil) you will end up with a real, functioning workflow which you can use.

About business processes VII. – Process drawing tools

Real thrill just begins, considering that after becoming able to model and draw your processes, you will be able to see through your company better than the majority of company owners. However, it leads us to the next question: What shall we do with the ready process drawings or refined process models?

Today we have a look into the world of professional flowchart tools to see options for process drawing.

About business processes VI. - Process drawing basics

The standard process drawing is a wide - known and also widely accepted method to visualize complex business processes in a unified structure that provides a transparent framework for understanding business processes. In short, the process drawing enables us to visually comprehend what is happening in the process.

About business processes V. - Modeling business processes

As we saw in our previous post, it is not an easy task to identify business processes, their steps, participants, responsibilities and deadlines.

At the same time it is not impossible to perform such identifications, considering the fact that it is needed in order to ensure smooth operations and avoid daily tasks becoming "cash cemeteries".