Automate your business processes with xFLOWer Cloud

Without software setup or hardware investment!

xFLOWer Cloud is a modular, cloud based workflow and task management system for various business purposes. By harnessing its refined process management capabilities, most operative processes can be automated by using the system; hence operative expenses and workload can be decreased. Uniquely in its market xFLOWer offers interoperability with already implemented enterprises software systems, so no need to change existing systems in order to resolve process management and automation. xFLOWer has been continuously developed in the past 15 years, and development continues. Reliability of the system is best characterized by the sizes, activities and numbers of its users as since its first version, xFLOWer was implemented at various large, determinative enterprises Europe - wide and used since years with high satisfaction for process management and automation. Based on this experience, xFLOWer Cloud has been developed in order to provide a time - proof and accessible solution for small and medium enterprises to manage and automate their business processes. Our additional services - as training, support and consulting - provide comprehensive understanding of system usage, furthermore, we provide business process management and automation trainings so new processes can be defined and implemented by users in xFLOWer Cloud without further expenses.